Atb-intl OÜ, the most experienced professional consultancy in music industry in Asia Pacific, especially in Mandarin Chinese speaking markets!

What Atb-intl does for our clients is to investigate the market status, provide expert opinion/advice with multiple aspects and help our clients come out best solutions.

* Digital business and new media development.
* Digital music and related contents licensing affair.
* Affiliate alliance.
* Info-telligence.
* Conference programming.
* Marketing communication.
* any other areas organizations need professional advice.

Clients, partners and previous credits:
– American Music Rights Association Inc (“AMRA”)
– BAMID, Ministry of Culture, Taiwan
– Café Leave Me Alone (Taiwan)
– Dan Hodges Music (USA)
– Gracenote (USA)
– Go Shiina (Japan)
– Gameaster (Taiwan)
– Haldanes Solicitor and Notaries (Hong Kong)
– HTC (Retail activation) (Taiwan)
– JVR Music International (Taiwan)
– Kangol Headwear (USA)
– KOMCA collection society (South Korea)
– LyricFind (Canada/USA)
– Make The Link (France)
– ManOnTheGround (Hong Kong/USA)
– Marc Jacobson, P.C. (USA)
– MoveInPocket (Taiwan)
– mSpot (merged by Samsung Electronics) (USA)
– Mugwork Music Production (Taiwan)
– MÜST collection society (Taiwan)
– Rock Music Group (Taiwan)
– Samsung Electronics Korea (Music service group) (Korea)
– Team Ear Music (Taiwan)
– The Big Issue (Taiwan)
– TouchTunes (USA)
– TTV (Taiwan)
– Waach (Singapore)
– Warner Music Taiwan (Physical distribute) (Taiwan)
– Wind Music International (Taiwan)